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Increased dedicated patrol hours, State-of-the-art equipment, Vital protection

Most of the attention directed at Grogan's Point is positive and centers around the beauty of the community and the vibrant and friendly social connections our residents enjoy. But, an uncomfortable aspect is that some of the attention our neighborhood garners is from criminals aiming to target our safe streets. Our community is made stronger and more secure as residents join together to fund the essential GPRA Security Program, which provides enhanced security to meet increased needs for peace officer patrols and state-of-the-art security equipment and services to monitor for safety and combat criminal activity by providing law enforcement professionals with critical tools to aid in protecting the homes and people of Grogan's Point.


There is no nice way to say it: there will always be some who look to Grogan's Point with the misconception that the neighborhood is ripe for the picking. Some criminals have tried. Thankfully, GPRA Security works actively for our residents' benefit and has fostered and maintains meaningful connections with local law enforcement, acting as a chain in the armor that protects all of our residents. GPRA Security equips residents with crucial information at critical times through push notification security blasts, in-depth reporting and feedback from law enforcement as it pertains to events in our community, and training events designed to equip residents with information and practical skills to increase their personal and communal safety. Additionally, GPRA security  provides a point of personal contact for residents who would like extra support as it pertains to matters of security.

We are neighbors looking out for neighbors, and we do a great job of helping each other. But our network is only as strong as the number of members committed to keeping GPRA Security tight. That's why we implore every resident of Grogan's Point to contribute their share to ensure GPRA Security is well funded and fully operational.

Our 2024 Security Chairperson, Evan Johnson (find his bio HERE), and his committee have developed additional perks in the program so that paying Security Members reap even more benefits. Security Members can look forward to the release of a user-friendly GPRA Security app for speedier alerts and communication coming soon.

Your neighbors are counting on you to join with them in securing Grogan's Point.


  • Dedicated off-duty Montgomery County Constables in marked patrol vehicles (scheduled based on available funding; that's why your membership matters), as a visible police presence and to enforce traffic and criminal laws.  LEARN HOW DAILY PATROLS ARE PERFORMED HERE.

  • Coordination of Constable Vacation Watch requests HERE

  • Security equipment, including state-of-the-art cameras at the entrance to Grogan’s Point and speed signs

  • Member alerts and push notifications for increased awareness and safety in urgent matters

  • Exclusive Security Members Only Newsletter full of detailed information about notable events, any pertaining investigations, and outcomes for affected residents






  • $500 annually for GPRA Security+ Membership all inclusive


  • $500 annually Security Only (January 1 – December 31) 


Residents can contribute additional funds for increased patrol hours, equipment and maintenance expenses HERE

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