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If you're like us, visitors to your home have commented about how lovely it is to drive the streets of Grogan's Point. A portion of your Basic Membership goes to the Beautification Committee who provide additional landscaping and care for our communal areas, beyond the minimal basics the township provides, to keep our community in tip-top shape. This landscaping has been thoughtfully designed by the Beautification Committee to appear integrated into the rest of the  landscape the township is responsible to provide, but much of the beauty you see is thanks to additional donations to the Beautification fund. For residents who desire to contribute extra to the fund there is a form below. These additional funds are especially useful in times when inclement weather strikes (wind storms, hurricanes, and even the occasional snow storm). We rely on the Beautification Fund for new and replacement plantings, clean-up, lawn care, and additional landscaping needs for our common areas.

The 2024 Beautification Committee Chairperson is Claudia Rigamonti. View her profile HEREClaudia has a long and stellar history of serving Grogan's Point and has worked especially hard to coordinate services with the Township and private landscapers after a recent devastating storm felled trees and wrought damage all over Grogan's Point from which we are still recovering.


Residents can contribute additional funds to the beautification fund HERE

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