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Grogan's Point Residents' Association (GPRA) has a long and proud history of serving our community to enhance quality of life for our residents. Peruse the Events page to explore our elevated social and community events tailored to suit your interests. GPRA offers enhanced neighborhood Security for added protection and peace of mind. And to keep our neighborhood looking its best, GPRA offers Beautification of our communal spaces. Our goal is to make Grogan's Point a welcoming and enriching place to live. We are excited to connect with new residents to help you make the most of everything Grogan's Point has to offer. Don't miss a thing our vibrant community has to offer. Join your neighbors today.



Built for residents by residents, GPRA has been enriching the lives of our neighbors for over 30 years. Peruse our photo archives:

2023   2022    2021   2020   2019   2018   2017   2015   2014-(25th Anniversary Gala)   2013   2012   

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The GPRA newsletter To The Point is an excellent source for community news. (Be sure to join our mailing list by subscribing at the bottom of this page)


Prior to 2013, the newsletter was printed and mailed or delivered to each household. 

HERE are some printed newsletters from 1993-1997. 



Who maintains the parks, pathways, ponds, etc.?

Where do I report covenant violations, water leaks, etc.?

The Woodlands Township maintains the vegetation (limbs, branches, overgrowth, etc.) in the park, pathways, ponds, greenbelts and medians. Email Jared Davis with the Township at ( including description and photos OR download TheWoodlands311 app (Google Play or Apple Store), send a photo and description of problem.

Contact The Woodlands Township at or report on TheWoodlands311 app.

What are the rules for political signs in the neighborhood?

One political election sign promoting a candidate for each office or issue on the political election or nongovernmental election ballot may be placed by an owner of a lot on his or her lot beginning the 90th day preceding the day of the political election or nongovernmental election and must be removed within 10 days following the day of the political election or nongovernmental election. 

Who maintains street signs, drainage and vegetation and limbs on streets?

Montgomery County maintains this ( or email Catarino Figueroa at  OR download the P3Works app (Google Play or Apple Store) to report issues.

Who is responsible for building codes, permits, scheduling park usage, etc.?

 Contact The Woodlands Township at

Who to call about loose animals or barking dogs?

Call Montgomery County Animal Control at 936-442-7783.

The Woodlands Township website offers answers to extensive resident FAQs


Occasionally residents inquire as to why Grogan's Point is not a gated community. Read HERE for answers



  • GPRA does not enforce property covenants, issue permits, schedule park usage or maintain public areas (Woodlands Township does this)

  • GPRA does not maintain roads, street lights or traffic signs (Montgomery County does this)

  • GPRA does not investigate incidents (Montgomery County law enforcement does this)

Questions related to these issues should be addressed to:
The Woodlands Township at  OR  download TheWoodlands311 App (IOS / Android) to your device
Montgomery County at 

Grogan’s Mill Village Association at

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