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To The Point - GPRA December 2017 Newsletter

It’s amazing how fast a year goes by…and how much can happen. The last 11 months have certainly been memorable, not only for the terrible mark that Hurricane Harvey left on our area but also for the many positive developments for GPRA...

To The Point - GPRA October 2017 Newsletter

We in Grogan’s Point, like countless others in the greater Houston area, have been through an unbelievably wrenching experience with Hurricane Harvey. The damage has been catastrophic, the heartbreak almost insupportable, the recovery just beginning...

To The Point - GPRA August 2017 Newsletter

Every year about this time I remember how huge our debt of gratitude is to Willis Carrier. His 1902 invention of the electric air conditioning unit allows me to hunker down in my house, in comfort, throughout much of the day during the months of July and August. Maybe even September...


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