To The Point - GPRA October 2017 Newsletter

We in Grogan’s Point, like countless others in the greater Houston area, have been through an unbelievably wrenching experience with Hurricane Harvey. The damage has been catastrophic, the heartbreak almost insupportable, the recovery just beginning.

Whether our own homes took on water or we ache for neighbors who were flooded, those of us who live in Grogan’s Point are bound together by this terrible misfortune. Many of our residents rose to the occasion by helping their neighbors—friends and strangers alike—before the waters receded and then afterward. Some arranged for families on inundated streets to be evacuated by boat. Others teamed up at damaged houses to tear out sodden carpet, soaked drywall, and ruined cabinetry. Yet others brought food for the clean-up crews, so they could stay on the job, and then provided meals for residents staying in homes without usable kitchens. And let’s not forget those who provided shelter in their own homes for some who had lost theirs...

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