To The Point - GPRA December 2016 Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

December is a time to be with friends and family as well as to reflect upon the past year. In that spirit, I went back and reviewed my January 2016 President’s letter.  In this letter, I stated that the Board’s primary 2016 goals were transparency, neighborhood unity and value for membership.

Have we met these goals? I would argue that we have.

In 2016 we dramatically increased financial transparency by including financial reports of all dollars brought in and spent in our monthly newsletters. The Adult Events Committee increased adult events from one or two per year to 12 this year. Children’s Events put on two major events and added an informative parent drug education meeting. The number of clubs, number of club events and number of neighbors participating in club events have increased. Beautification completed their five year long median renovation project. The Welcoming Committee changed its program from a one-time drop in to an entire mentorship program. The new security decals and logo directory bags were a HUGE hit. The new discount membership card program has proven to be a win-win for both members and local businesses...

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December Newsletter