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To The Point September 2019 Newsletter

September is a busy month in our neighborhood with important and fun events. All GPRA members are invited to our Annual Members Meeting where we will report on the happenings in our neighborhood and local important issues.

To The Point August 2019 Newsletter

The newsletter took the summer off this year but we are back to our monthly updates for news and activities happening in Grogan's Point. Behind the scenes GPRA has been busy planning exciting things for our neighborhood.



To the Point - December 2018 Newsletter

With Thanksgiving freshly behind us, I want to send a heartfelt thank you to our 2018 GPRA board, volunteers, and members for supporting our neighborhood’s mission. There was a lot accomplished this year and many new relationships formed......

To the Point - November 2018 Newsletter

Greetings, Neighbors! It was great to see 135 of you at our General Membership Meeting last month. Special thanks to Linda and George Turek for all the extras they supplied. Pictures of the event are posted in the Gallery section of our website.

To The Point - October 2018 Newsletter

Greetings neighbors. October is upon us and there is much going on in Grogan’s Point this month. It’s not too late to RSVP at for the October 9th General Membership Meeting. We need the headcount for chairs, food and beverages so please let us know if you plan to come.

To The Point - September 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Point, It is evident that school has started as I see many smiling Moms and Dads around Grogan’s Point. With the lazy days of summer behind us, the GPRA board is busy planning activities for the fall. Our general membership meeting is slated for early October with the theme, “A Year in Review”. Please read the article below, submit your questions, and...

To The Point - August 2018 Newsletter

Dear Friends of the Point, Happy August! As the end of summer approaches, we look forward to our fall events. Don’t forget to keep updated on all our neighborhood events on! Public school resumes August 15th, so we ask everyone to please continue to be mindful of their driving speed in the neighborhood particularly while children may still be playing.

To the Point - June 2018 Newsletter

The GPRA website,, has received a facelift. Thanks goes out to our neighbors Carol Barnhart and Mildred van den Boom as well as the team at our neighbor Coleman Sisson’s company, Bubble-Up. Read below for more information on what has changed......

To The Point - April 2018 Newsletter

Dear neighbors, What a busy month of GPRA events we had in March! There was the golf tournament, the Museum of Fine Arts docent-led tour with lunch at the famous Zaza Hotel, the Environmental Clean-up event and the Children’s Easter Party. It was so great to see old friends and to make a few new ones. A few pictures have been posted on the website (under Latest News).....



To The Point - GPRA December 2017 Newsletter

It’s amazing how fast a year goes by…and how much can happen. The last 11 months have certainly been memorable, not only for the terrible mark that Hurricane Harvey left on our area but also for the many positive developments for GPRA...

To The Point - GPRA October 2017 Newsletter

We in Grogan’s Point, like countless others in the greater Houston area, have been through an unbelievably wrenching experience with Hurricane Harvey. The damage has been catastrophic, the heartbreak almost insupportable, the recovery just beginning...

To The Point - GPRA August 2017 Newsletter

Every year about this time I remember how huge our debt of gratitude is to Willis Carrier. His 1902 invention of the electric air conditioning unit allows me to hunker down in my house, in comfort, throughout much of the day during the months of July and August. Maybe even September...

To The Point - GPRA June 2017 Newsletter

Congratulations, neighbors! You proved your generosity once again with a record amount of non-perishable groceries donated to the Stamp Out Hunger food drive last month. Read about it later in this newsletter, and know that your contributions were greatly appreciated! May was a stellar month in other ways as well...

To The Point - GPRA May 2017 Newsletter

Last month was busy here in Grogan’s Point. Millie Fitzpatrick and her Children’s Events Committee delighted lots of little ones and their parents at the annual Easter Egg Hunt while Meg Shaheen and Elizabeth Baker of the Adult Events Committee hosted high-rollers at an elegant Casino Night party...

To The Point - GPRA January 2017 Newsletter

This promises to be another good year for residents of Grogan’s Point. Even if oil prices don’t continue to recover…even if home sales figures don’t sustain their recent climb…we are all fortunate to live in a beautiful, safe, and vibrant community where friendly neighbors look out for one another...



To The Point - GPRA December 2016 Newsletter

December is a time to be with friends and family as well as to reflect upon the past year. In that spirit, I went back and reviewed my January 2016 President’s letter. In this letter, I stated that the Board’s primary 2016 goals were transparency, neighborhood unity and value for membership. Have we met these goals? I would argue that we have...

To The Point - GPRA July 2016 Newsletter

GPRA activities slow down a bit in the summer because so many neighbors are away enjoying vacations. Thanks to Millie Fitzpatrick for organizing another fantastic and very well attended Grogan’s Point Happy Hour at Kirby’s in June....

To The Point - GPRA May 2016 Newsletter

National Police Week is in May, so I’d like to begin with a special “shout out” to Corporal Moody, and Deputies Vogel and Noel to thank them for their continued hard work in our neighborhood and especially for their exhaustive efforts over the past two weeks following the flooding...

To The Point - GPRA April 2016 Newsletter

Hi Neighbors! I hope you had a relaxing spring break and a happy Easter. Since April is National Volunteer Month, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the GPRA Board Members and Committee Chairs and volunteers who help make Grogan's Point THE BEST place to live.