Feral Hog Population in Grogan's Point

Feral hogs have always been a problem in Grogan's Point, but lately there has been a huge increase in the feral hog population statewide and in our neighborhood.  Those who live on Red Sable and in the Tranquil Path area have been particularly affected.  Feral hogs multiply at a furious rate, get very large and can be very dangerous if encountered, not to mention, the yard damage they cause.  Channel 2 KPRC reported on the problem in the Woodlands area.  See Video Clip.  NY Times had an article on the nationwide problem. See News Article.

We suggest that all concerned citizens voice their opinion by contacting Township rep, Ann Snyder at and County Commissioner Noack's office, Cody Grimes or call 281-367-3977 to voice your opinions. The Township will be discussing this issue at the January 15 Planning meeting at the Township Offices starting at 4pm.
For more information, contact Grogan's Point resident, email Linda Estrada  who has done tons of research and talked to people all over the state to find solutions.  She is planning to set up some meetings for residents to voice their opinions and develop a strategy to present to public officials.  Many voices can make a difference.