GPRA IS NOT A HOA.  GPRA is run by resident volunteers.  Membership is voluntary and open to all residents.  GPRA’s mission is to promote a beautiful, safe, vibrant, friendly and informed community for all residents of Grogan’s Point.

Joining GPRA cost $65 per household for Jan 1 thru Dec 31 of the current calendar year.  You can also make donations to provide landscape beautification over and beyond what the Township provides.  All GPRA members are entitled to attend all functions sponsored by the GPRA.   PAY DUES HERE


  • Put on adult and children events to meet and connect people, share views and enjoy themselves.
  • Conduct community projects that benefit worthwhile causes.
  • Provide additional landscaping in the medians, beyond what the Township maintains.
  • Promote participation in self-supporting clubs which all residents can join: Book club, Bunco, Men's Poker, Movie club, Basketball, etc.
  • Provide Monthly E-Newsletter and Email reminders of upcoming events and alerts concerning our neighborhood (You can unsubscribe from these services at any time).
  • Stay abreast of The Woodlands Township and Montgomery County activities that affect Grogan’s Point. 
  • Provide all paid members a copy of the printed GPRA Directory.
  • Welcome new residents and assist getting them connected to the neighborhood.
  • Invite all paid members to attend the Annual General Members Meeting in the fall.

To volunteer for any work the GPRA does, contact us at


  • We are NOT a homeowner’s association and we do not collect mandatory fees
  • We do not enforce property covenants, issue permits, schedule park usage or maintain public areas (Woodlands Township does this)
  • We do not maintain roads, street lights or traffic signs (Montgomery County does this)
  • We do not investigate incidents (Montgomery County law enforcement does this)

Questions related to these issues should be addressed to:
The Woodlands Township at  OR  download TheWoodlands311 App (IOS / Android) to your device
Montgomery County at
Grogan’s Mill Village Association at

GPRA SECURITY PROGRAM Click on the "SECURITY" Tab to learn about our programs and how to join.