GPRA receives many questions about who, what and who to call for a myriad of issues and events. Although we cannot list everything, these are a few of the questions we get most often:

1. Can Grogan's Point Become a Gated Community?

    Click HERE for the answer.

2. Who maintains the vegetation (limbs, branches, overgrowth, etc.) in the park, pathways, ponds, greenbelts and medians?

     The Woodlands Township maintains this. Email Jared Davis with the Township at ( including description and photos OR download TheWoodlands311 app (Google Play or Apple Store), send a photo and description of problem.

3.  Who maintains street signs, drainage and vegetation and limbs on streets?

     Montgomery County maintains this ( or email Catarino Figueroa at  OR download the P3Works app (Google Play or Apple Store) to report issues.

4.  Who do I report an absent homeowner’s unkept yard, covenant violations, water leaks, etc.?     

      Contact The Woodlands Township at ( or report on TheWoodlands311 app.

5.  Who is responsible for building codes, permits, scheduling park usage, etc.?  

      Contact The Woodlands Township at (

6.  What are the rules for political signs in the neighborhood?

     One political election sign promoting a candidate for each office or issue on the political election or nongovernmental election ballot may be placed by an owner of a lot on his or her lot beginning the 90th day preceding the day of the political election or nongovernmental election and must be removed within 10 days following the day of the political election or nongovernmental election.

7.  Who to call about loose animals or barking dogs?

      Call Montgomery County Animal Control at 936-442-7783.

8.  Who does bulk trash pickup (appliances, furniture, moving boxes, etc.)?

      Call Waste Management at 713-686-6666 to schedule a pickup.

NOTE:  The “Resource” tab in the printed GPRA directory has even more frequently called numbers                                                                                    as does The Township FAQ's

If you have more questions, email us at: