Grogan's Point Green Up

Social Distancing + Grogan’s Point GreenUp = Socially Responsible Fun! 

  Although the Township cancelled the official Earth Day Green Up events, we decided to move forward with our efforts here in Grogan’s Point. And we’re so glad we did!

Things were a bit different, and we chose to keep everyone safe by abiding by the social distancing restrictions, but all of the feedback from Grogan’s Point friends and neighbors was positive, and people genuinely had fun cleaning up!

One of the coordinators received a personal “thank you” from the Township while she was out picking up trash near Grogan’s Point Park. He said he had never seen the park so clean. Kudos to our amazing volunteers for doing such a great job that even the Township took notice.

Here are some quotes from volunteers: “That was fun! (We) talked about doing that together once a month. I am thankful we live in such a nice community where everyone takes care of their space…”; “We actually enjoyed it..”; “We had a great time.. we were surprised by the amount of trash.”; “It was a fun family activity. Thanks for the distraction!”

We know everyone is going a bit stir-crazy with telework, voluntary quarantine, and the children in virtual learning mode, so if you would like to borrow some grabbers and join it, please feel free to reach out. We would be happy to accommodate you.

We didn’t get to have breakfast together or take our group photo in the park – but we hope to get our volunteers together once we can safely do it, and remedy that. Thanks again, everyone, for joining in. We hope to see you all next time!

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