Domestic Violence Awareness and Help

Domestic violence can be a sensitive topic, and can make people uncomfortable discussing it. But our discomfort doesn’t make the threat any less real, and as neighbors we desire to support one another and make our neighborhood the safest possible. Domestic violence cuts across cultural, economic, and social boundaries and is not isolated to a specific group or neighborhood. With the panoply of stressful issues during this time of COVID-19 restrictions, fears and impacts, we are all feeling some level of anxiety. Research indicates that an unprecedented number of Americans are feeling anxious, depressed or isolated. Many families are struggling. Sometimes anxiety and stress manifest in harmful ways. I (Sheri Dunlop, Security Committee Chair) interviewed a mediator who works in this area and she told me that although calls for help have decreased-- likely because victims are isolated with their abusers during social distancing-- hospital visits and the severity of injuries caused by domestic violence have increased.

We want you to know there are resources available to you. The Montgomery County Women’s Center - www.mcwctx.org, and the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and the Victim Assistance Division have educational information, hotline numbers, and detailed information on their website (https://mctxdao.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/3992fba60c7a4b5d53e3a9243cb54a08.pdf). We encourage you to read the materials. We also wanted to provide you with two phone numbers to add to your Grogan’s Point Directory: the National Domestic Hotline – (800)799-7233, and the Montgomery County Women’s Center 24-hour crisis hotline - (936)441-7273. 

With gratitude to our Constable liaison, here are two local organizations and their points of contact:

Children’s Safe Harbor – Montgomery County’s Child Assessment Center (CAC). This organization assists law enforcement and Child Protective Services in all types of abuse with children, including domestic violence and being a witness of domestic violence. If anyone has questions regarding guidance, the Program Director is Kari Phrioda, and she can be reached at (936) 756-4644. Website address: www.childrenssafeharbor.org

Montgomery County Women’s Center – This organization assists men, women and their children when domestic violence occurs. They provide food, shelter, clothing and some legal assistance. They have a strong community outreach program. The Outreach Manager is Chastity Williams, and she can be reached at (936) 441-4044 ext. 32.  Website address: www.mcwctx.org.


If you would like to support victims of domestic violence, you can help by:

Take care of yourselves, neighbors. And take the time to help those around you. A small, kind gesture may take very little effort, but it may turn someone’s entire life around.